Hamon Thermal Europe Belgium

Hamon Thermal Europe Belgium

Lippendorf, Germany_Natural draft cooling tower
Natural draft cooling towers
Moorburg, Germany_Circular hybrid, plume abated fan assisted natural draft cooling tower
Samalkot, India_Induced draft cooling tower


Your cooling system specialist


Hamon Thermal Europe (HTE) is the center of excellence of the cooling systems business unit.

In wet cooling, the company offers the following types of cooling towers:


  • Natural draft cooling tower
  • Fan assisted natural draft cooling tower
  • Circular hybrid cooling tower
  • Induced draft cooling tower (with FRP – concrete – wood – steel structure)
  • Plume abated induced draft cooling tower
  • Forced draft cooling tower for special applications


With its engineering department and R&D center, HTE supports a network of factories and sister companies, which locally assure contracting, procurement and field services in:

UK – France – Germany – Poland – Spain – Italy – Turkey – Russia – South Africa – United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia  India – Korea – China – Thailand – Indonesia – Vietnam – Australia – Brazil  Mexico .


Numerous installations and equipment operating worldwide in a wide range of industrial plants and environmental conditions are evidence of Hamon’s capabilities and experience.


Whatever the industry you name, Hamon has supplied cooling systems for it: power plant, refinery and downstream petrochemical plant, fertilizer, paper industry, steel mill, sugar mill, zinc smelter and other metallurgical installation, chemical plant, etc.



Hamon Thermal Europe Belgium

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